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Awas Makanan Beracun dari China...

All foods are poison

Right after the milk scandal issue in China, i had received a lot of emails from friends that there is another food also found poisoning.
So, i already installed this idea into my mind and quite hard for me to remove it.

Made In China = Poison For me

Made in China = U WILL DIE

Maybe we shouldn't be surprised at all when the poison creeps into our country. It's actually quite hard to find food that completely free from poison nowaday due to the globalization thing.

Now I hate globalization idea.

Undoubtedly, china man are extremely skillful in mimicing and using chemical. I personally think they gonna replaced God's job in the future.

poison meat

In order to shorten the growth cycle and increase the survival rate, they inject on animals.
They made the animals grow faster.
They made the animals grow fatter.
They made sinky dead animals look fresh and smell good.

Fake ikan bilis
The ikan bilis is made from gelatin and others unknown chemical thing.

Poison steamboatsThe soup in the pot has been recycle endlessly in order to make the soup taste better. The bacteria contains inside might more than bakteria found in toilet bowl.

Poison seafood
They used industrial raw materials to increase the weight to 3 or 4 times than normal fish in shorter time. Some even pour some poison into the water so they could catch more fish/prawn

Poison Sea shell and crabsThey did some hormone injection to make sure they grow fasater.

Poison duck blood[Heard that] duck blood used to be the best food because their blood is very smooth. [shrug.. i never tried b4], according to one of my email, it said that most trick that used by business man is to use low-cost pig or other animal blood into the water and industrial processing salt into duck blood, by adding industrial salt containing harmful nitrite can harm our internal organs.
They said chicken used by KFC look like this.
They used chemical to make egg which only cost half price of normal egg.

Process on doing fake egg

Everything around is poison.
And pls dont think that as long as u be a vegetarian [like me] could free from all these.

Poison "tauhu kering"
Vegetarian food used a lot of this thing.
But those heartless business had added something that call "diao bai kuai" to make the tauhu kering look bling bling shinny
[not all shinny thing is good leh.. Polly.. just forget about your diamond la]

Crispy "yaw char kueh"
It's time for "qin kui" to revenge now.

Flour [mee, bihun and kuew tiaw]They mix with some unknown chemical again. So, automatically bread also cannot be eaten.

Mee racun

Salted vegetable [ham choi]
Samething again. They used chemical and industry salt.

Seaweed used to be very healthy food last time [My mum used to force me to eat last time]
I dont know since when it has became poison. They used chemical [again] to make the seaweed look bling bling shinny [once again proved that bling bling thing isn't that good]


bla bla.. chamical again to make the sugar look white and last long.

Snack food and kua chi
Eat this sgain, u will die. Dont ask why, there is a lot of chemical name that I dont know.

Honey is no longer good as well.

Instant mee
Almost everyone in China is grow up with poison milk.

They used hormon injection to make those fruit bigger, sweeter and juicier.

Dont buy any of these fruits during off season.

Moral of the story.
Dont eat or u will die.
We only have 2 options left now.
Eat, u will die like this.

Dont eat, u will die like this.

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