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Cut Tari And Ariel Peterpan Leaked Hotel Room Indonesian

Indonesia rocked by celebrity sex scandal with several sex videos showing three of Indonesia's biggest stars. Nazril Ariel lead singer of a popular boy band, Peterpan, TV presenter and former girlfriend of Ariel, Cut Tari and Actress, TV presenter and current girlfriend of Ariel, Luna Maya have been embroiled in a sex scandal after three videos were uploaded on Facebook and Youtube. An investigation has been launched by the police and the all three celebrities are facing charges under the country's anti-pornography laws. Rumors are Ariel's laptop was lost, and according to reports, this laptop contain the private sex videos of him with Luna Maya and Cut Tari. Some say this second encounter confirm the first sex video. Many people doubt the Luna Maya - Ariel video was real but there is no question now that the sex video of him with Cut Tari has been leaked. And some are saying many more famous Indonesian leading ladies are involved.

First Ariel and Luna Maya sex tape scandal exploded a few days ago, now a third sex tape allegedly featuring Peterpan frontman Ariel has been leaked to the Internet though this time the "starlet" resembles model and gossip show presenter Cut Tari. She is seen wearing a bluish green-colored dress with a black tank top underneath. The video opens with her facing the camera while on a bed. Then a short time later a man similar to Ariel appears naked and then the woman preform oral sex on the man. Later the couple have sex in various positions fully aware of the camera. The videos have been taken down Facebook and many other websites but it still has not stopped people who have downloaded the videos to re-upload to other websites. The video, titled "Cut Tari - Ariel" has been viewed on Youtube thousands of times. Two of the videos, one allegedly with Ariel having sex with current girlfriend Luna Maya and the second allegedly with Ariel and his former girlfriend Cut Tari was uploaded.

Nazril Ariel, the lead singer Indonesian band Peterpan, has sold millions of albums in Indonesia and is well known in Asian countries. Now, people are calling him the Edison Chen of Indonesia after he is seen having sex on video with several female celebrities. His sex video with Cut Tari is now the hottest download in Indonesia. Last week, his sex video with Luna Maya was the hottest download. The videos were taken off the popular social network but not before dozens of copies started to emerge in several forum's, video sharing websites and porn sites in Indonesia. The Indonesian police are investigating the matter and have said in a press conference that they will be bringing the three celebrities in for questioning. The police spokesman said "we will question them to find out about the clips and how the videos were circulated in public."

Ariel Peterpan created a new sensation after his video with actress Luna Maya which went viral on the Internet. Now Ariel Peterpan is back with another hot video with Cut Tari. The 8 minute 45 seconds long video seem to have been recorded in a luxury hotel room. According to the clip's metadata, the almost nine-minute clip was shot on Nov. 18, 2006, at 6.18 p.m. The graphic video follows the leaking of two pornographic films allegedly involving Ariel and his current girlfriend, high-profile celebrity Luna Maya. Cut Tari is the host of infotainment program "Insert," which airs daily on Trans TV at 11 a.m. She has also starred in a number of commercials, including for KFC. Speculation about the existence of yet more sex tapes featuring a who's who of Indonesian celebrities is continuing to mount. One Twitter user some suspect is behind the leak, whose claims could not be verified, claimed that there are 24 sex tapes featuring one man and many different women. The man is Ariel and the women are Indonesia's most famous females.

According to Ariel and Luna, who recently released a written statement regarding this scandal, denied that they participated in such act and the video were engineered. Cut Tari has yet to release an official statement to the public. The three celebrities face a jail term of up to 16 years as it is illegal after the controversial 2008 Anti-Pornography law in Indonesia for sexually explicit material to be filmed or photos taken. Meanwhile the sex scandal has resulted in adds staring the stars to be taken down in the country with a huge majority of Muslims.

All three of the stars have denied the videos to authorities but several experts have said that the people featured in the videos do have a resemblance. And these videos would be very difficult to engineer without very expensive tools. So the likelihood that those videos are fake is very low. And while Indonesia is not an Islamic state officially, it has an overwhelming Muslim population of over 89% of the estimated 240 million population. And sex before marriage is very taboo. AFP report:

    Three Indonesian celebrities who allegedly appeared in sex videos posted on the Internet will be questioned for possible breaches of a new anti-pornography law, police said Wednesday.

    Two explicit clips widely circulated online this week appear to show popular singer Nazril Ariel having sex with models and television presenters Luna Maya, his current girlfriend, and Cut Tari, his ex-girlfriend.

    Chief police detective Ito Sumardi said the celebrities would be questioned about how the clips had appeared on the Internet.

    "We will question them to find out about the clips and how the videos were circulated in public," Sumardi told reporters.

    Maya is a goodwill ambassador for the United Nations World Food Programme and has appeared in advertisements with Ariel for a soap made by Anglo-Dutch food and cosmetics giant Unilever.

    Tari meanwhile endorses Sharp air conditioners.

    A spokesman for Unilever said the soap ads had been cancelled this week but denied the move was connected to the sex tapes.

    Producing or distributing sexually explicit material carries a maximum penalty of 12 years' jail under the tough anti-pornography law passed in the mainly Muslim country in 2008.

    Muslim lawmakers have said the videos underline the need for tighter controls of the Internet in the country of 240 million people.

    "There should be a heavy punishment for this crime," Communication and Information Minister Tifatul Sembiring said on his Twitter micro-blog account.

    A spokesman said Vice President Boediono was concerned about the effect the videos would have on young people.

    "He is deeply concerned about the negative impact these porn videos could have on our children," Boediono's spokesman, Yopie Hidayat, told ElShinta radio.

    The scandal has been among the top worldwide trending topics on Twitter under the "Peterporn" tag, a reference to Ariel's band, Peterpan. Several pages supporting Ariel have also appeared on social networking site Facebook.


Polis Buru Penyebar Video Lucah Luna & Ariel

PIHAK polis sedang berusaha mencari penyebar video porno yang dikatakan mirip bekas anggota kumpulan Peterpan Ariel dan Luna Maya (gambar) yang semakin luas tersebar sehingga ke Malaysia.
Ketua Bidang Masyarakat, Balai Polis Daerah Metro Jaya, Jakarta, Kombes Pol Boy Rafli Amar berkata pihak polis sedang memburu individu yang bertanggungjawab menyebarkan video berkenaan untuk di dakwa di mahkamah.
“Mereka yang bertanggungjawab akan diseret mengikut fasal 292 pencabulan tata susila,” katanya kepada Detikhot.Com semalam.
Ujarnya pihak polis akan mengadakan siasatan terperinci terlebih dahulu untuk mengenal pasti sama ada individu yang terdapat di dalam video lucah berkenaan adakah penyebar video tersebut sendiri ataupun orang lain.
Bagaimanapun menurutnya pihak polis belum bersedia memanggil dua artis tersebut sehinggalah selepas pihaknya meneliti beberapa perkara penting daripada video berkenaan terlebih dahulu.
Katanya sehingga saat ini tiada pihak yang mengaku bertanggungjawab terhadap penyebaran video tersebut.
Kes membabitkan dua bintang Indonesia itu menjadi bertambah hangat apabila pada Isnin lalu seorang pengamal undang-undang Indonesia, Farhat Abbas membuat laporan polis berikutan tersebarnya video porno yang dikatakan milik Luna dan Ariel.
Loporan itu dibuat kerana Farhat berasa bertanggungjawab untuk memastikan sesiapa yang terlibat terhadap penghasilan dan penyebaran video tersebut dapat didakwa.

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