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Aksi Jelita Altantuya Shaariibuu

Beautiful Mongolian model Altantuya Shaariibuu was Shot in the Head Twice and Then She was blown to pieces with C4 Explosive in a Gruesome Murder in Malaysia Allegedly by Top Level Officials and Political Elites.


Lagi Artis Malaysia Kesundalan....PUTERI SARAH LIYANA

Puteri Sarah Liyana (22 years old) is a Malaysian actress and model. She is well known for her Silky Girl advertisement work. She has a diploma from University Multimedia (MMU) in Business Information System. Puteri is currently working on the movie Aduhai Saleha.


Aksi Panas Artis Malaysia Zarina An-Julie bte Mohd Fahizul

Zarina An-Julie bte Mohd Fahizul, 21 years old from Petaling Jaya (Selangor), Malaysia, is a Malaysian soap actress and is the lead in the TV drama Anak Pontianak on TV3 followed by “Anak Pontianak the Movie”. She plays the main character, Mia. Zarina is of Iranian-Malaysian parentage. She was only four when she was cast in the film, Selubung, and then later in Mimpi Moon, two films directed by Shuhaimi Baba under her Pesona Pictures production company. ANAK PONTIANAK is the first lead role by Zarina An-Julie and is very popular new starlet. Because of her mysterious dark look more than her close ties with Shumi that got her the main role part for this series. Anak Pontianak is a spin off of PONTIANAK HARUM SUNDAL MALAM popularized by MAYA KARIN.

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