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Alien Baby Found in Mexico – Aliens on Earth

In late 2009, scientists had their brains stormed in a case that left the world stunned. A carcass of what is claimed to be a baby alien was handed over to them by a Mexican farmer, Marao Lopez who captured the creature alive in 2007. He found the alien caught in an animal trap. He got so scared by the look of the miniature beast that he tried to kill it by drowning it under water in a ditch. But it took him three attempts and few hours before he could finally kill it. He had to hold it for several hours under water before it died.

Scientists had carried out DNA scan and other tests on the creature and the results had left everyone dumbstruck with awe. Tests revealed a creature unknown to mankind. It has skeleton that looks similar to a lizard, its teeth do not have any roots like that of humans and it can hold its breath and stay underwater for a long time. The bulged rear part of the brain meant that it must have been intelligent.
But the interesting part of the story is that the farmer who had killed the baby alien had mysteriously died. He was burnt to death in his car at the side of a road. UFO expert Joshua P. Warren says that the temperature at which the car burnt was higher than normal fire. This led to rumors that the farmer was killed by the guardians of the so-called baby alien seeking revenge. UFO expert Jaime Maussan believes that the story is not a hoax. Farmers had found another similar creature but it ran away when they approached.
There are frequent UFO sightings and reports of mysteriously appearing crop circles in the area where the creature was found. Although the news was first covered by the Mexican TV channel in 2007, the first pictures and videos of the sinister looking creature were published by the website
Others believe that the story is a complete hoax. The creature is no-alien but an under-developed baby monkey. There are similar creatures that look like alien but were later identified.
The fearless creature can be a monkey fetus or a baby that had been first skinned off it’s fur and later “fitted” into the trap in the peculiar position since there is no way a creature that small can get caught in such a huge animal trap in that way.
Believe it or not, the story has got the attention of the whole world!!!


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